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Cannabinoid hyperemia syndrome is caused when you take too much marijuana, whether it be through smoking eating or drinking. Your body senses a lack of the chemical THC (tetracin, also known as “the mind altering”). This lack triggers a strong need to consume more, leading to abuse. Overuse can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even break down of the veins in the marijuana user’s brain, causing temporary memory loss and depression. It is very dangerous and is the basis for many drug rehabilitation programs.

Many times people who abuse CANS get caught up in the criminal justice system because the victim’s family might feel that they are “ruining” their child by putting them in jail. In reality, those using CANS are often the ones destroying their own families. Those using CANS must know that if they ever need help, they should go seek out medical attention first and then choose another option. The criminal justice system doesn’t care about those who use CANS, but they sure do care about criminals.

There are many different kinds of potencies of marijuana. graine gelato Some may feel uncomfortable eating weed that is much more potent than what they are accustomed to. That is why many recreational users choose strains that are higher in THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. These strains are easier to tolerate and don’t cause those uncomfortable side effects that come with a lot of the lesser strains of weed. It may seem like they are taking a “bait” or “trip” but in reality it is a medication; a powerful medicine.

Recreational marijuana is not sold over the counter. To purchase it you must have a valid ID card from your local government office. Once you have it you can buy it legally in most states. If you have an emergency and need to consume a lot of weed fast there are some things that you can do:

Try eating grapefruit or taking a Vitamin B supplement or magnesium supplement. They will help flush your system out. You also want to take a Zinc supplement. Zinc helps keep you from being dehydrated which will prevent you from experiencing nausea and diarrhea. Be sure to eat plenty of fiber as well, because it will help regulate your intestines.

There are many ways that you can overcome your cannabis hyperemetic symptoms. The first is by doing yoga, meditation, deep breathing and exercising. These all help your body to relax and can help you overcome the symptoms. If you prefer supplements, try ingesting protein, zinc, and magnesium. Also be sure to cut back on alcohol and caffeine as much as possible. This will only make things worse if it is done too much.