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Many have come to consider marijuana “the new tobacco,” and with a number of new states legalizing recreational use, many are looking for up to the minute cannabis news in New York. Although marijuana use is considered illegal under federal law, in some cities and states marijuana is legal for medicinal use and for consumption at public events. With more people becoming interested in finding out how marijuana works and having an open and accepting attitude towards it, perhaps this will be the decade that we finally say goodbye to prohibition.

Although marijuana use is against the law, some cities do have laws on the books that allow tolerance for personal use by adults and possessors of small amounts of the drug for personal use. A search of the internet under the term “cannabis” will bring you to a number of web sites that provide information on marijuana. In addition, there are blog sites, news sites and magazine articles that will provide up to date information on the latest happenings on the marijuana front. While the media has not picked up the cannabis story as much as they have other topics, there is still a great deal of interest generated by the cannabis community.

If you’re a fan of marijuana or not, there is no need to keep reading just to learn more. Here are some facts about cannabis that might interest you and then you can go read about them. cultiver cannabis en exterieur First, cannabis is not a dangerous drug in and of itself. Although it may seem like it, marijuana does have many positive benefits and can be used quite effectively as medicine.

Second, it is also important to know what your body does not like when it comes to cannabis. For example, it is not a good idea to consume cannabis if you are expecting a baby. The effects of the drug on the baby are too much for the system to handle and miscarriage is a possible outcome. It is also not a good idea to use cannabis if you are taking certain medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Both of these over the counter pain relievers are toxic to the system when used in excess.

Finally, there is a lot of information being churned out about marijuana and the politics surrounding it. Is it a more socially acceptable drug or is it still considered to be illegal? There is a lot of gray area here and you will find both sides of the argument have their strong points. You may also be interested in learning what the effects of marijuana are and whether or not it should be legalized. This is a valid debate and there is even some evidence to suggest that it could be very beneficial if legalized. Keep reading to find out more about this fascinating topic.

If you are looking for breaking cannabis news, New York should be your first stop. Not only is it the cultural hub of the Empire, but it is also home to many prominent cannabis enthusiasts and dealers. What better way to get breaking news about the weed that is hot than to follow what is happening at one of the city’s most famous marijuana bars? This is also the perfect venue to get your hands on rare cannabis gifts.