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Are you considering a career as a cannabis nurse? You may have seen the many nursing jobs for nurses with a focus on this “recreational” herb, but which ones are best suited for your personality and abilities. Here are some of the most popular jobs, organized by type, in addition to other general areas.

– Cannabinoid Appendant Nurse: This position is good for those who are more compassionate toward people than those with a more “legitimate” nursing background. Appendant nurses are in charge of administering controlled amounts of cannabis to patients under the supervision of licensed nurses. If you’re compassionate and patient, this could be a great choice for you. Just make sure that you know the rules and that you are able to handle the uncooked weed.

– Clinical Nurse Practitioner: A clinical nurse practitioner (DNP) is a doctor of nursing who is authorized by a specialty panel to practice medicine. They do not actually give injections; they oversee the prescribing and monitoring of medications. A majority of these physicians are board certified in general nursing and have an advanced degree in one area of nursing. If you feel that you are cut out for the leadership role, a few positions might suffice, depending on how far you want to push yourself.

graines cbd autofloraison – Enforcement Officer: Similar to the enforcement officer, an enforcement officer watches over specific types of weed including potency, packaging, and production. They often visit growers and shut down facilities where marijuana is being sold illegally. This position can be very fun working at the edge of illegality!.

– Collector: If you enjoy collecting things, maybe this is the job for you. There are many stores that need people just like you to collect their sales. You will receive a certain amount per month on top of your regular salary. This is an excellent way to build a collection, especially when you hit that jackpot of cash. You may also be paid to travel to remote regions to harvest plants.

– Therapist: If you are trained as a nurse practitioner or a psychologist, you can help smokers with anxiety and other problems that are associated with quitting smoking cannabis. You will be able to offer your patient group support by allowing them to share their experiences. Many people fear going through the withdrawal process alone, so your help may be just what they need. You can even work as a therapist on a part time basis. Your clients pay your fee and you do the work.